We Overcome by the Word of our Testimony

We Overcome by the Word of our Testimony

We overcome by the word of our testimony

This past Sunday we were asked the question “ What motivates you to be faithful”?  That question had me stumped for a quick moment until I realized that the only way I have been truly faithful is when pleasing Yahweh has been my motivation.  This leads us to the testimonies we had Sunday which shows us that ”we overcome by the word of our testimony”.

Why is it important to overcome by the word of our testimony?  Some of us shared testimonies on what God has done or is doing in the process of their lives. There was a common theme amongst all who shared:  submission to God opens the doors for Him to work miracles in our lives and they showed we can ‘‘overcome by the word of our testimony”

Group of people sharing on how we overcome by the word of our testimony and how ensuring submission to God.
Group of people sharing their testimony and how they ensure submission to God

Hearing people share where they are at, whether it was them overcoming or going through, really encouraged me to know that all God requires is our willingness to please Him and He is willing and able to step in and change things right away. He won’t force Himself but He will support us throughout our process as long as we ensure full submission to God.  What an amazing Father! It should be our motivation to be faithful.

I believe that all who shared along with all who heard, no matter where they are at in their process, had an opportunity to overcome something more on this day.

God has been faithful through it all. His motivation is His love for us. Our motivation should be our willingness to please Him.

– Pastor Clint, May 5, 2022


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