Posts from January 2022

Posts from January 2022

Blog post Trust and Obey

Trust and Obey (by Nadeige)

Trust and Obey  Last Sunday’s message we were reminded of the importance to trust and obey God. Last year, there was an instance where I didn’t trust and obey. I chose to hold on to unforgiveness, pride and self. I realize now how easy God made it for me to be healed if only I had trusted and obeyed His leading. Afterwards, I wish I had listened to Him instead of listening to my own foolish and selfish thoughts. He…
Really want to be in the Lord's army?

Do you really want to be in the Lord’s army?(by Zach)

do you really want to be in the Lord’s army? Pastor Vickylextar shared a strong message during the second service of 2022, calling us to examine ourselves and review the past year seriously and sincerely. She led us in personal reflections with simple yet profound, critical questions that all Christians should consider. Among these, we were asked: Do you really want to be in the Lord’s army? A lot of Christians would feel the need to automatically answer yes to…

2022: Warriors Unleashed! (by Lisa)

2022: Warriors Unleashed! During the last service, we had a delightful overview of the blessed gift of our saviour Yeshua through songs and Scriptures, reviewing the beautiful miracle of His birth, the painful hours of His crucifixion, and the marvellous Victory of His resurrection. It was beautiful to hear the story through the mouths of His creation of various ages, styles, and backgrounds! I enjoyed pausing and taking the time to reflect on the foundation of my faith and how…