Posts from March 2022

Posts from March 2022

It is finisthed

It is finished! (by Pastor Mercy)

It is finished! Paid in full! Set apart for christ These were some of the last words spoken by Christ Yeshua before He laid His life on the cross for us. After enduring the gruesome pain and agony on the way to Calvary, Christ finally said these three powerful words: It is finished! These words remind us that Christ paid a ransom for us, and He paid it in FULL, leaving no debt behind. As a result, our sins should…
Being of Service to God

Being of Service to God – Making the Right Choice (by Theophilus)

Being of service to God – making the right choice Last Sunday’s message from the Book of Romans 12 was great. It reminded me that I have a purpose on earth, and if I make the right choice, God can establish His perfect will through me. On the surface, this appears to be a tall order, but if God said it, it is always possible. I also know that if I continue to renew my mind in holiness, through love…