Our Greatest Calling (by Pastor Sandra)

Our Greatest Calling (by Pastor Sandra)

our greatest calling

As we took communion this past Sunday, we were reminded that our greatest calling is to be a Christian – to be like Christ. But sometimes, our hearts are not ready for the truth because we want Christ to do things the way we expect and when we want it. The world teaches us to go after our flesh’s desires, but Mark 8:34 reminds us what is needed to follow Yeshua as our Lord and Saviour. It is all about trusting and loving God with all our soul and all our strength. 

For myself, the greatest freedom and healing I have experienced is by forgiving others. It was hard at first because I wanted it done my way, but as I fell in love with Christ and trusted Him with my life, it became clear that what I have received from God is greater than anything life can give me. I love my God, and I can tell you that this love relationship is so beautiful and will be as real as you make it. Dare to let go, follow Him and be loved by Abba Father.


– Pastor Sandra, December 11, 2020


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