Sunday, December 6, 2020

Sunday, December 6, 2020

TRUE DISCIPLESHIP – Denying ourselves to Christ Daily.

In today’s message, we reviewed the importance of denying ourselves daily. We were asked questions that help us reflect on our reasons for doing things; are we following traditions that were made by men because it feels good to our flesh, even though they are not in line with God’s word? Are we going to church just because it ‘feels good’?  

You’re either off track or on track.

We talked about the most important thing being for us to have a heart for God and to choose to pick up our cross and deny ourselves daily so we can be like Him and share His love with the world, moving away from only doing things that feel good to us to choose actions that will make Abba Father proud. Our purpose and title are to be like Christ, so let us represent Him well.

Watch this incredible service as we are reminded of the importance of true discipleship!


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