Letting Go of The Fear to Offend (by Lisa)

Letting Go of The Fear to Offend (by Lisa)

Letting Go of The Fear to Offend

Sunday’s message was particularly great and thought-provoking to me. We reviewed 2 Timothy 4: 1 -5, where Paul is charging us to preach the gospel always and warning us to be careful about what we desire to hear.

Waiting for the ‘convenient time to share the Word of God has kept me silent for a very long time. I have been looking out for the perfect setting to share, thinking of when the chances of offence would be lower. I mostly equated that with being intentional enough to make sure I present things at the right time, catering to people’s feelings. I realize now that I was afraid to offend people and be the reason they are unreceptive to the Truth of God because I would have talked or shared at an inconvenient time. Yet the Bible is clear that the gospel is offensive, as it is as a mirror showing us the truth of who and what we are, the state of our heart, and true intentions. 

It will offend people. And my focus should be on Its power to save and not the possibility of offence or the backlash I might receive.

My silence was also due to the crooked ways the Church has been presenting Christ over the years. There are many things done in the name of God that are plainly evil and just human-made practices, causing tremendous amounts of hurt to many. I did not want to sound religious and trigger people the wrong way, yet if we all choose to stay silent, how will people know the Truth? How can healing take place? Only light can drive away from the darkness, even the one created by religion. We ought to speak out and shine our light and fight for the Truth of the Gospel to be preached undiluted. I am here today because someone chose to share the Truth with me boldly, and my mandate is just the same: becoming like Christ to shine, bring flavour and save.

I now understand that there is no such thing as inconvenient times to share the Truth that saves; tomorrow is never promised. It is always convenient now to shine the light of Christ and give hope to people! The world is so dark and the suffering of people so great; we must change our perception and see every moment as a convenient time for someone to be saved, encounter the everlasting hope of salvation, and the ever-present life-changing love of Christ. 

It is not loving to let someone we love drown in lies, sin, and deceit, and we are called to love the World. It is loving to care about people enough to do everything in our power to help them flourish in the Truth of who God created them to be. Sharing the Truth of Christ is the ultimate display of love we can give, as it has the power to save, heal and redeem. May we choose to be bold and keep our hearts teachable, valuing Truth far more than what feels good to the flesh. 

– Lisa, April 13, 2021


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