Sunday, April 11, 2021

Sunday, April 11, 2021

The Truth That Saves

In today’s message, we were reminded of the importance of desiring to hear the Truth at all times, whether convenient to us or not. The gospel tells us that the Truth can be offensive to people, as it calls everyone to take a look at the state of their heart, repent, and turn away from sin; we were encouraged not to let the possibility of offence lead us to censor parts of Scripture when talking about God, sharing with people around us, and in our own lives as well. We were warned not to blind ourselves by only being open to hearing what makes us feel good, but to check our hearts’ state constantly to make sure that we are on the right uncompromised track. God is love and a God of justice who judges accordingly, and they are consequences to each choice made. Listening to this message will encourage you to empower yourself in the resurrected Christ in you, be bold in shining your light through the uncompromised truth, and help people around you with a pure and teachable heart, deeply attached to the truth of the Word of God.  


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