Contentment, I finally get it. (by Pastor Denis)

Contentment, I finally get it. (by Pastor Denis)

Contentment, I finally get it.

This last Sunday, Pastor Jonathan’s message was on contentment. I realize that this was not the first time we receive a message on that topic, but this time I believe I really understood what it means.

Every message we receive is filled with many helpful hints that guide us throughout the week. I must admit that I do not remember all of them all the time, but if we apply at least one of them, it is a good start. This week, two things really struck me, and I believe it will be easy for me to remember them.

The first or is that when Christ is our centre, we can’t be discontented. Secondly, and this one was really an eye-opener for me; discontent goes back extremely far in the past. Adam and Eve were probably the first people to feel discontentment. They had everything they required to have a good life, but the devil succeeded in convincing them that they could have more. They did not need it, but they could want it. It made me think about the difference between need and want.

There is a clear difference between need and want. This new perspective on contentment makes it a lot easier to reach.

This is what I understand: I need food, clothing, water to drink, air to breathe. Even though I would like to live in a mansion, drive a very expensive car, travel whenever I want and live in luxury, it’s not a necessity. I won’t die without it, even If my desires remain unfulfilled.

Instead, I can appreciate what I do have. I have a nice shelter, abundant food to eat, a good car to drive, very importantly, good health. Hey, I even have Netflix! In a nutshell, being content for me means appreciating what I do have, whatever the circumstances may be. I may want more, but I cannot let that impede my happiness. In his letter to the Philippians, Paul explained that he was content in all conditions, good or bad, and he was in some terrible ones. I do not believe that we have any excuse to let ourselves be discontented. It’s where we put our focus that determines the outcome.

– Pastor Denis, April 9, 2021


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