It’s a Wonderful Thing (by Zach)

It’s a Wonderful Thing (by Zach)

It’s a Wonderful Thing

In this week’s sermon, Pastor Vickylextar started wrapping up her message by saying:

Beloved children of God. It’s a wonderful thing to be a child of God. It’s a wonderful thing to be a child of a loving God! 

Our Father Yahweh is not only loving, but He is perfect, constant, pure and Love; and Scripture says that, as beloved children, we should be imitators of Him. Like Father, like sons. And Yeshua said that it is God alone that we should call ‘Father’, as in the One we ultimately came from, listen to, and model after (Matthew 23:9). If we truly get to know Him intimately, we become like Him and love like He loves (1 John 4:7).

In practical terms, this means that our relationships are meant to reflect who He is—His image and likeness. Our purpose is to love because He is Love. And through our relations with others, we can fulfill, experience, and be a conduit for, His amazing Love. One relationship that more often leads to this is that of parents with their children. I recently became a father, and I found that desiring my son’s wellbeing (i.e., true love) is one of the most natural and easy inclinations. My affections for him simply seem new every morning and every time I see him. Isn’t this like how God feels about us? Pondering on how I feel toward my son, I get a glimpse of how amazing His love toward me is. “It’s a wonderful thing to be a child of God!” Scripture even says that He rejoices over us with singing and that we are the apple of His eye (He gives us His full attention at all times). After all, He created us to be His likeness, and He gave His Son for us! If I wish to believe in this Love for me, I must believe it for others too. I can’t truly do one without the other. Hence, it must show in my relationships.

I also remind myself that, ultimately, we only find the fullness of the Love of God in His Son and what He has done. His sacrifice is the measure and the proof of the Father’s Love (Romans 5:8), not the way others have treated us in the past, even our own parents. I cannot depend on the way others act toward me to believe or feel the Love of God for myself; that would be a form of idolatry, honestly. Why should man’s act supersede God’s act? He gave His Son, and in this is found His love!

Our Father God is only good, there is no darkness in Him, and He never wishes evil to anyone. If we’re willing to forgive and show love to those who don’t deserve it, He empowers us to love as He loves, and we truly walk as children of God (Luke 6:35-36). For us to know Him intimately and be restored in His image is what He paid for on the Cross. If we sincerely want and seek Yahweh, we will find Him. And if we truly know Him intimately, we will surely express His Love in all our relationships. Like Father, like sons and daughters, and it’s “a wonderful thing”!

– Zach, April 16, 2021


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