Ask Yourself: “What do I believe?” (by Pastor Sandra)

Ask Yourself: “What do I believe?” (by Pastor Sandra)

Ask yourself: “What do I believe?”

Sunday’s message was a reminder that God is a good Father who loves us, helps us and gives us success. The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy; that’s his job. We were reminded that Job was in a painful season and no longer walking in faith but rather in sin. That’s how he opened the door to the devil and was attacked. Then as Job’s world was turned upside down, Job turned his back on God and complained about the wickedness of a God who did not care about His own children. God was patient with him during this time and showed him who He really is: a loving Father. Eventually, Job did repent in chapter 42, saying:

I have uttered what I did not understand […] I have heard of you by the hearing of the ear, but now my eyes see and repent in dust and ashes.

He finally recognized that God was a good Father and certainly did not want any of this to happen to his children. After all, did God not care enough for us to suffer with His Son on the cross for our deliverance from the works of the devil?

There is nothing God would not do for us. He is love and wants us to be set free, delivered, made whole, be victorious… That’s why He made way for us through Yeshua. I went through something similar as Job did years ago as a young Christian, blaming God during a season because I did not understand the principles of this world.

It’s simple: God is good, the devil is bad. God warns us that there is life and death before us because we live in a fallen world, but He also tells us to choose life and has equipped us to do so! Like Job, I had only heard of God, and during difficult times of rejection, I would quickly blame God. After going around in circles for a few years, I chose life and decided to know God personally for myself. I have since overcome time after time, even when situations in my life do not change. I have been healed of diseases that could not be healed. Naturally, I have been set free of rejection, have renewed my mind to love freely. I have learned to love myself because God loves me.

I encourage you not to waste years as I did. Take time to know God intimately because God does not want robots or religion; He wants a relationship. God loves you and wants you to prosper [3 John 1:2].

Ask yourself: “What do I believe?”

– Pastor Sandra, May 22, 2021


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