You Can Channel Your Doubts! (by Gina)

You Can Channel Your Doubts! (by Gina)

You can channel your Doubts!

This Sunday’s message reminded me of our theme of the year …


Since the beginning of the year, I have been confronted by this phrase, every time a challenge came, insecurities rose, and disappointment struck. I had to fight the doubts that bombarded my thoughts. I had to remember why I made certain choices and the certainty I had then. I even had to think about it when I was planning my year and dreaming! I have won some battles and lost some, but in general, I am happy to report that it has forced me to have an honest look at my life, my thoughts, and my beliefs.  

  • It has encouraged me to press on in areas that my belief was weak
  • It has helped me to grow.
  • It has given me hope for the areas that I find more challenging to conquer!
  • It has brought me to a place of humility, acknowledging more and more that God is the one that I need to put my trust in, not myself.
  • In some areas, I conquered the fears and doubts as I leaned on God while stepping out of my Comfort Zone.

Another thing that stood out as Pastor Vickylextar was teaching is how DOUBT can be a good thing if we…

  • Acknowledge it
  • Check our beliefs. Am I trusting in my abilities or God’s ability? If He has called me to do something, He will surely help me do it.
  • What do I believe about myself or the situation?
  • Channel the doubt into faith by putting my faith and trust in God.

I also realized that doubt still has too much space in certain areas of my life. I was so used to it that it became part of the scenario. Before I could finish this post, I had to decide to up my game in one area in particular where I have allowed doubt to creep in too often.  I am now more aware of the doubts that keep trying to shake me. Beware DOUBT, now I know how to channel you into FAITH!

– Gina, May 25, 2021


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