Sunday, May 16, 2021

Sunday, May 16, 2021

In Whom is Your Faith? (Part II)

There’s a famous line found in Job 1:21: “God gives and takes away.”

If you continue reading what Job says in that context, you’ll see that he was speaking from a place of pain and hurt and not necessarily the truth of who God really is or what He really does. He was blaming God and envying the wicked. If we are quoting from him in one instance, should we then quote everything Job said? Job was hurting, and God made him understand that it was his own doing. Job said in Job 42:3: “Surely I spoke without understanding, things too wonderful for me which I did not know.”

 He came to a place of repentance.

Be careful to quote scripture and not looking into the context. Don’t isolate a scripture and make it a doctrine. It’s easy to blame God when we’re hurting. Instead, let’s take an honest look into the part we play, others, the enemy, and not blame God for every bad thing in our lives.

Let’s comfort ourselves in truth and not in ways that lead us into deeper trouble. But instead, let’s encourage ourselves in truth, knowing that God is a good God and His heart towards us. Be encourage while you listen to this message.



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