Will Your Anchor Hold? (by Pastor David)

Will Your Anchor Hold? (by Pastor David)

Will Your Anchor Hold?

Our series on faith starting this month has been a refreshing reminder of the need to be well grounded in Christ, deepen my personal relationship with Him and be wary of the noise and distractions that undermine our faith.

There is a persistent false doctrine based on a scripture in the 1st book of Job alluding to the belief that God gives and takes away. We learned that clearly, Job made this utterance and much worse about God whilst he was going through a trying time, comments he later repented off and was restored. Though his experience was lived and true, the utterances about God were definitely not true.

When we experience God for ourselves and truly know Him for who He is; a good father with good plans for us and who gave of Himself to save us from damnation and destruction; then we anchor our faith in truth.


– Pastor David, May 19, 2021


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