Doubts. Faith. Beliefs! (by Pastor Carole)

Doubts. Faith. Beliefs! (by Pastor Carole)

Doubts. Faith. Beliefs!

Based on last Sunday’s message: Faith vs Doubt, I asked myself if I was or had been doubting God. I do not doubt God, His Love and His Word. However, I did remember that a while ago, I must have been doubting one of His promises because He clearly said to me: “Crois-Moi” (“Believe Me”). Was it to encourage me? I’d say yes, but it’s mainly because I was starting to stray away from one of His promises.

It’s only since this past Sunday that I started to examine what was behind that doubt at the time, and I found out that when it takes a long time for promises to be manifested, doubts may easily come into play. I was becoming discouraged and on the descending slope of not expecting any more of His great promises, but He took care of me and reassured me. We have to be really careful about doubts: it’s not bad, but it’s not so good. We cannot stay in doubt. Otherwise, we will become “like a wave of the sea and tossed by the wind”; we can become “double-minded, unstable in ALL our ways.” And on top of things,  we “must not suppose that we will receive anything from the Lord” (James 6-8).

So it’s clear: let not stay in doubt. Doubting made me think of pride as well: it slips in, bit by bit, without any clear red flags, and we find ourselves no longer focused on God. This is why it’s so important to submit to God every day, to ask Him to examine our hearts, to pray in faith and not in fear, to ask Him boldly what we want, no need to beg Him. He is always there, listening, ready to support and to provide what we truly need.

I have a treasure inside me. I believe this: the Holy Spirit is helping me to be transformed in the image of Christ. Do I really believe that I can be transformed in the image of Christ? Yes, I do. I am a partaker of His divine nature. This is so incredible!

– Pastor Carole, May 27, 2021


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