Watch! Be Ready!(by Pastor Denis)

Watch! Be Ready!(by Pastor Denis)


Last Sunday, the message was on Blessed Hope. Many people listened to the same message, but we did not all walk away with the same important point. I personally focused more on the aspect of being ready. The Word is quite clear; there will be a second coming. If we are born again, we believe this. But the question is: will we be ready for the return of Yeshua in glory at the end of time?

I heard that I must stay awake and be prepared because the Son of Man will come at an hour you do not expect. This could seem gloomy or nerve-wracking, but it is meant to fill us with encouragement and hope. Yeshua is motivating us not to wait till tomorrow or the next day but to be the people we want to be here and now, to start living the life  God has planned for us today and not in some distant future. 

How do I plan to do this?

By living in the light of His first coming. If I want to be prepared, I must live like His first coming mattered. Those who profess Christ as Lord and live according to their profession will receive eternal life as promised when Christ returns.

I must be discerning. The warning scripture is consistent: use discernment in listening to those who claim to have all the details of the end of times figured out and ignore those who resort to date settings.

Accept the uncertainties. No one knows the day or hour. Watch! Be alert, for you do not know when the time is coming. Neither the angels in heaven nor the Son but only the Father knows.

If I believe, then I must remain hopeful. The first coming brought us salvation and showed us how to live sensible godly lives. Therefore, I have everything I need to live in expectation of the return of Yeshua.

We must encourage one another. Scripture’s teachings about the second coming are not given to satisfy our personal fascination with future events but that the body of Christ might encourage one another with promises.

Live as if today was the day. If we are not careful, the delay in Yeshua’s return will lead us to complacency. Living in the expectation that He could return today compels us to live every day for what matters for eternity.

In Acts 1:9-11, it is said clearly: Why are you standing there gazing into the heaven?
Yeshua is coming back – therefore, I say, let us get busy!

– Pastor Denis, December 4, 2020


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