Walk in the Spirit (by Chiraene)

Walk in the Spirit (by Chiraene)

Walk in the Spirit

Sunday’s service called ‘Walk in the Spirit’ was based on Galatians 5, and I’m certain that there was something in the message for everyone. What stood out for me was how much Pastor Vickylextar emphasized the importance of renewing our minds to align them with the spirit of God in us.

This message could not have come at a better time because I was at a point where I was struggling to accept the truth that God had declared about me in his word and was allowing the enemy’s lies to make me extremely insecure and miserable. By doing so, I was allowing the enemy to become my master and draw me away from the path that God has set for me. I’m sure that it is something that numerous people can relate to, so we must make an active effort to read the Word to counter the enemy’s lies with what God Himself has said.

Moreover, I was quite surprised to realize that we have all these idols in our lives that suck the energy and life out of us or take our attention from living in God’s light. I had always believed that idols were other gods or figurines that people worshipped in place of God. It is so easy for us to prioritize our jobs, school, relationships, money, and all sorts of other things over God such that we turn to them for joy and a sense of identity. This only sets up for depression when these things fail or disappear or no longer provide us with the fleeting sense of meaning and happiness they once did. To truly find joy and purpose in life, we need to seek God above all things and make sure we believe in His word. Once we do so, our desires and His desires will also be aligned, and we will not turn to things that will derail us from our Christian paths.

So, ask yourself, ‘What are you holding onto?’

– Chiraene, April 28, 2021


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