True lover of God! (by Pastor Carole)

True lover of God! (by Pastor Carole)

Believe the best!

Praise and Worship were explained to us at our past Sunday celebration. It was such a different celebration: with songs and testimonies, it was really great!

Praise and Worship at church are beautiful, but I also understand that my life is to be a life of praise and worship: my focus on God and all that He has done for the whole world, for others around me, for me, is key. I think about all of His promises, the eternal life with Him, the best happening now and to come. I can decide (and I do) to sing (especially the song How great is our God), write about Him, encourage somebody or myself, think about Him when I am cooking, cleaning, sewing, walking, and exercising.
My life is now a life of thanking God anytime, but sometimes I want to thank Him so deeply that I don’t know anymore what else to do or say so He can understand the deep and profound recognition I have for Him. God delivered me, healed me and only has good plans for me. He sent His only Son on planet earth to reconcile us with Him, He gave us so much, but then I realize that He knows, He knows it all, He knows my heart, He knows how much I love Him. I can not envisage my life without God. Can I be too much attached to Him? Can I think too much about Him? No, never, God is now my stronghold. He is my Protector, my Refuge, my Good Father.

He is always with me (always have been); He is in my mind, in my body; the Holy Spirit lives in me! Can you imagine!? This is such a great gift!! I even dream about Him. I tell people in my dreams that He is my God, the only God, the One Who sent His Son to die for us, can you imagine!! I love these dreams!! This is all good, this is all fine, that is who I am now, and this is how I Praise and Worship God. I love God.

– Pastor Carole, January 24, 2021


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