Moving Forward with His Strength (by Pastor Sandra)

Moving Forward with His Strength (by Pastor Sandra)

Moving Forward with His Strength

Last Sunday’s message continued to reinforce our theme for the year, “Great expectation! What do you believe?” concerning the parable of the sower in Matthew 13.  As we were reminded about who we are, some interesting facts stood out to me:

God has given me His power;

His presence is with me;

We are not here by accident, but God himself carefully planned and created me.

I reflected on these statements that I believe and then on the parable that mentions in verse 12: “from him who has not, even what he has will be taken away.”

I concluded that, with such power, presence and purpose in my life, if during a difficult challenge, I forget who I am by focusing on wanting more, self-pity, complaining or judging, then I am choosing to risk losing the value of these truths about myself and my life. I remind myself of Paul and Joseph, who lost their freedom and felt rejection, but continued to appreciate and move on! If I truly believe, then I cannot remain distracted. Otherwise, I am saying that “I do not have, “as mentioned in the parable. 

This sermon encourages me to keep moving forward in the midst of challenges, but above all, to strengthen myself in how precious I am.  I am loved and grateful for God’s love no matter how I am being treated or the circumstances because God has got me.  May we all value who we are and have great expectations, first of all, about ourselves!


– Pastor Sandra, January 23, 2021


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