The Truth of What We Believe (by Lisa)

The Truth of What We Believe (by Lisa)

The truth of what we believe

Last Sunday, we heard about Thomas and his doubts about Yeshua’s resurrection, as he was not present when He appeared to the disciples. It was interesting to put ourselves in their shoes, thinking about what they were most likely expecting and how things turned out. Yeshua was their leader, their friend, and the Son of God who came to deliver them from evil; what wonderful news that was for them living under Rome’s cruel and harsh dominion, to be given the hope of salvation and deliverance after all these years! Here they were with Yeshua, day and night, for three years, hearing Him preach with unprecedented authority, performing miracles from casting out demons to resurrecting the dead! Yeshua was unmatched, humble, compassionate, and strong, valuing people over religion, and always caring for the least of these. And here they were, spending time with Him for years, yet they still got lost in their beliefs along the way, moving away from believing the truth of who He is to holding onto their interpretation of Him, what He’d do, and how. Though Yeshua warned them many times of His death and resurrection, they did not understand what He said; how can the King of kings who is to deliver us from evil (i.e., the Romans) be put to death?! Hence maybe why they went into hiding when He died on the cross…

Thinking about these things made me realize that we can confuse what God is saying with what we would like to hear. At times, we let our interpretation and personal wants have a louder voice than the truth of God. We then are disappointed, think that God failed us, and begin to doubt Him and who He is.

But is it ever truly possible for God to fail?

This wonderful God that we served, who chose to come to us in the humblest form, living life on earth just like us, able to relate to everything we’ll ever go through, cannot fail. He is true to His Word, and His Word is Truth. But when we become distracted by what we are after, our desires and our limited, humanistic vision of how things should be, we get lost along the way, and doubts come in. But truly, are these doubts steeping from what God says and who He is or on our interpretation of what He is ‘supposed’ to do?

Let us take a closer look at all that we say we believe in making sure that it is solidly based on God’s truth and not influenced by our perspective.

God is sovereign. God is good! And God is faithful. May our beliefs be deeply rooted in His character and Word, from where the source of our very life comes from.


– Lisa, January 15, 2020


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