Respond in Belief! (by Pastor Denis)

Respond in Belief! (by Pastor Denis)

Respond in Belief!

Last Sunday, Pastor Jonathan’s message reminded me of a feeling I sometimes must deal with. Whether it’s about people, finance, health or myself, there’s always a time when that uncertainty creeps into my mind. Many experts will say that it’s normal for people to have doubts, alright, but what’s important is how we deal with them.

True Christians must not forget that we have strong beliefs, and that makes us perfect targets for the enemy who is seeking opportunities to fulfill his mission (John 10:10); otherwise, we will open a door that will lead us in the wrong direction.

We know that Christ is alive and living in us, we all have proof of this, but still, we have moments of doubt, maybe because our prayer has not been answered yet or not like we expected. I don’t have the right to negotiate or tell GOD how it should be done. As Pastor Jonathan frequently reminds us, The Almighty is in charge, He knows what and how to do it, and because I don’t see the whole picture or the greater good of the plan for me.

Instead of doubting, why not think of the received blessings and the ones promised in the Word (Romans 10:17).

I believe God is faithful; He doesn’t lie, so why do I give in so easily to doubt?

I don’t think that doubt means that I lost my faith. Doubt doesn’t mean unbelief. When we are skeptical, we are looking for light, but unbelief is being content in darkness. When I admit that I have a doubt or skeptical, I am honest, but when I say I don’t believe, then I’m just stubborn. My doubting doesn’t mean that I lost my faith or that I’m a bad Christian. Fortunately, at Crosspointe, our lead Pastors reassure us that we shouldn’t condemn ourselves because we doubt or question but not dwell in it and give up on our hopes and dreams and God’s plan for us.

The Bible mentions many good Christians who had moments of doubt, Abraham Job, Moses, Gideon and of course, Thomas, so let’s not despair.

Thank you, Pastor Jonathan, for reminding us that doubt does not condemn us but that we must respond by believing.

– Pastor Denis, January 13, 2020

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