The Salt of The Earth (by Lissa)

The Salt of The Earth (by Lissa)

The Salt of The Earth

On Sunday, Pastor said a line that stuck with me.

Your faith should be a real thing, not a church thing.

It reminded me that our faith should not be compartmentalized to a day of the week, a holiday, or a situation. My faith walk is every day, and in everything I do. When faith is real and alive, it is not a religious activity; it’s a lifestyle.

Christ has empowered me to be like Him. Therefore, my faith and prayer life are not things I switch on at certain times of the day. I am reminded that I am in unison and fellowship with Him all the time. The message on Sunday has encouraged me to take advantage of the life Christ has given me daily.

I am choosing to be genuine, unpretentious and of high moral standard because I am the salt of the earth.

– Lissa, April 1, 2021


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