Sunday, March 28, 2021

Sunday, March 28, 2021

The Salt and The Light of the Earth

In today’s sermon, our Pastor shared how Palm Sunday is celebrated today by many worldwide. She admonished us to celebrate Christ daily, not once a year. She stated that we must accept Him for who he is, not what we want him to be. We have to believe in him and be in a place where we act what we believe.

Pastor asked us, ‘What is salt?’, some of the responses:
· Salt preserves
· Salt gives flavour
· Salt disinfects
· Salt melts ice
· Salt relaxes muscles

Salt was an expensive commodity. Pastor explained that we have a role to play to prevent a decaying world. We have to be genuine unpretentious of high moral standards.
She asked us: How are you seasoning your life and the life of others?
She concluded, stating our faith should be a real thing, not a church thing. We cannot earn it based on what we have done for God.
Watch this incredible service as we learn the importance of living a Christlike life and doing our part as His body.


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