The Living Word (by Genevive)

The Living Word (by Genevive)

The Living Word

On Sunday, the pastor’s message really hit home for me. Many times we go to church on Sunday, and by Monday, we’ve forgotten everything.  This was always the case for me. It didn’t matter how awesome the sermon was; I couldn’t recall what was preached by nightfall. For the first time, I understood that I was allowing the enemy to steal the word from me. I was allowing grief, fear and sheer laziness to choke the word in my heart. I finally decided to stop hiding, and rather, to let my light shine.

It wasn’t enough to know the scripture; I had to make sure that the WORD was alive and working in me.
Everything God has spoken concerning my life has to be the fuel that drives me to succeed in life. Choosing to open my heart and be grateful for all the blessings Abba Father has given me caused me to see the glass as half full and ready to overflow.

– Genevive, March 23, 2021


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