Thankfulness is Crucial (by Zach)

Thankfulness is Crucial (by Zach)

Thankfulness is Crucial

This week’s message was instrumental in reminding me of the importance of being grateful. Thanking generally means to acknowledge that something was or is being done. So, it’s impossible to be truly grateful to God without believing what He has done for us, and thankfulness supports our faith in His goodness. Like Pastor Vickylextar says, it’s the brace of faith!

Being thankful is the natural response of our hearts when we commune with Yeshua. Pastor shared about the leper that came back to acknowledge what Yeshua had done for him and thank Yahweh. He was made whole, not merely healed physically like the others. Through thankfulness, his inner acknowledgement of God’s goodness, he grew closer to God in a way that the others did not.

The implications are profound. It is so crucial for us to practice thankfulness. Too many times, I’ve found myself stressed out rather than being focused and thankful for what God has done and is doing. It’s important to remind myself that everything good in my life comes from Him, and nothing bad does (James 1:13,17). Today, I commit to thanking God every day for the blessings I have and continue to receive. First and foremost, He gave His son Yeshua for me, and His love never ends!

– Zach, July 28, 2021


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