Removing Wickedness, Embracing the New (by Lisa)

Removing Wickedness, Embracing the New (by Lisa)

Removing Wickedness, Embracing the New!

Last Sunday, we were blessed with a very special healing service for which my soul, heart, and mind are very thankful. Pastor Vickylextar began the service with the Scripture found in 2 Chronicles 7:14:

‘’(…) when My people, over whom My Name is called, humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their evil ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.’’

In that passage, God is talking to His people, not to those who do not yet know Him, asking us to turn away from wickedness. He is asking us to humble ourselves, pray and turn away from these wicked things, so He can heal us, and our land, completely. This broadens my understanding of what evil and wickedness are; it is not only bad actions and thoughts, it is every single thing in our minds, souls, and hearts that opposes God’s Word. That includes self-doubt and self-loathing, false humility, self-centeredness, and refusing to accept and believe in the true identity God gave us and all the great (and true!) things He says about who we are. These evil ways keep us away from God as it inevitably rejects Him, His liberating Truth, and His Love He so desires to lavish upon us. They are not just harmless thoughts we fight; they are destructive wicked ways that harm people, our perspective of others, and that hurt and reject God, and our very own selves.

Understanding this further helps me to take the battle of my mind even more seriously, as I need to watch and make sure that I do not harbor, keep or nourish any form of wickedness in my life, so I can fully embrace the amazing Love God has for me, and truly attached myself to the true godly identity He has given me.

As I was also pondering on God’s never-ending desire to heal His people and to do new things in our hearts, I realized that I also need to update the ways that I respond to them, and Him; there are responding patterns to God that I have that prevent me from breaking completely free from old thoughts habits. They keep me from fully embracing the newness He creates every day and limit how much I truly let Him in. For example, when Pastor asks if anyone heard something from God, I used to pray and hope that it would not be me; not that I did not want God to speak to me, but I crippled myself with the fear of making mistakes and not hearing right and decided that it was ‘safer’ not to even try and share. This was literally asking God not to use me as a vessel for His church, only because of fear and most likely, pride. And so, thinking of the new things God is always ready to do, I decided that my part was also to break free from these chains by responding in new ways, taking a leap, listening, and sharing what He laid on my heart with His body. It took some courage, but I am thankful and proud of myself for breaking free from this cage and making the first step. It is indeed so important for us to check ourselves daily and do our part of trusting Him more, not just in our hearts and minds, but with our actions and words as well.

As for me, I am committing to being bolder in His Love and in who I am in Him! It is okay to make mistakes, He will not forsake me, but will welcome and correct me as I grow, each time! I do not have to limit how and how much I receive from Him anymore, as I can simply, boldly, accept it, and remain excited about being His and how He loves speaking to His sons and daughters. 

May we choose not to shy away from showing our faith in Christ in action; let us share what He is doing in our hearts, the healing experienced and the Word spoken to us!
Let us break free and embrace the new, leaving all fears and worries behind; He’s got us! Let us be bolder and more confident, in His Love. 😊

– Lisa, July 20, 2021


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