Small but Mighty (by Mercy)

Small but Mighty (by Mercy)

Small but Mighty

The Lord is with you, mighty (wo) man of valour.

Last Sunday, our beloved pastor Vickylextar continued her sermon series called Small but Mighty, focusing on Gideon’s story. I was reminded that Gideon did not think very highly of himself. In fact, he considered himself to be from the least of the tribes of Israel and saw himself unqualified to lead the Israelite army. Gideon had what we would call today an Inferiority Complex.

How many times have we felt unqualified for a particular task? When we look at ourselves in the mirror or think about our past, we may not always see a man or woman of valour. I don’t know about you, but I tend to focus more on my shortcomings and imperfections and often wish to be more skilled, more qualified, more perfect.

However, I was reminded on Sunday that even my strongest skills and assets could never fully prepare me to do God’s work; but rather, it is His presence in me that makes me qualified. “The Lord is with you, Mighty Man of Valour.” This is what the angel said to Gideon, reminding him of his true identity in God.

The world is constantly bombarding us with false messages of who we should be: look this way, act like that, wear this, don’t eat that…, the list is endless. However, when we focus on God and come to a place of true understanding that He is indeed with us, our perspective suddenly changes. We gain a new sense of confidence and esteem, a new identity. We finally begin to see the valour within us, and we realize that as long as we continue to lean on God, our faith in Him qualifies us to do the impossible.

– Mercy, March 3, 2021


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