Sunday, February 28, 2021

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Small but Mighty (part II)

In today’s sermon, our Pastor built on last week’s message on Gideon’s story in Judges 6. We were reminded that what qualifies us to be mighty and of valour is that the Lord is with us and not our own abilities. We can choose to see ourselves as a product of our society or see ourselves as God sees us. God enabled Gideon to lead an army against the oppressive Midianites despite the army being small and Gideon’s initial perception of himself. Remembering this can change our perspective on our ability to face any situation in life. We don’t need to doubt ourselves when we know that Christ is in us and is our hope of glory.

We also saw that Gideon was wondering, “If God is with us, why is this happening to us?” at a time when they had turned their faces away from God and were walking in disobedience. Today, we were reminded that disobedience has a cost, but we can choose to let go of our flesh and refocus on God. True failure is when we give up.

Listening to this message, we should ask ourselves a few questions: What God is asking us to do – like Gideon – and what are we doing about it? Is our house in order? Are we relying on our strength, or are we relying on God in us?


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