It’s not about us!

It’s not about us!

it’s not about us!

This week, we were reminded that the price that was paid for our salvation is not about us. We are saved to receive the power of God’s transforming Love, enabling us to love His way with His Love and not with our selfish love and self interest for heaven. It’s not about us. It’s about Him and His love for others.
This is too great a challenge when we make it about ourselves in our own strength. We fail every time. The yoke becomes lighter when we make it about Him with His strength in us. The key is knowing that you know, that you know what He says about you and His righteousness gracefully given to you. It defines you and where you are purposefully going instead of who you were and who did what to you. Again, it’s not about us!

A man reflecting on why It's not about us but about Him, let's submit and walk in His rigtheous victory!

Pastor Iris said ”Stop owning your past”. This process is however not easy. The past naturally sticks to the flesh. It’s a fight. You cannot own your past and walk with God. I am still learning and fighting this. I am determined to fight the good fight as I have already conquered in Him. I must submit and walk in His Righteous Victory.
Let us walk in His truth and not in what we feel in the flesh. Pastor Iris had very inspiring comments on Love with 1Cor13 and the body of Christ with 1Cor12. She had strong words against abusive selfishness that expects much from others but not for others and how that impacts church life and pastoring.
Again, I strongly recommend you listen to it… May we walk in His rest and in His righteous victory!  It will all get much easier.

– Evangelist Pierre, June 2, 2022


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