New Creation indeed

New Creation indeed

new creation indeed

Last Sunday Pastor Vickylextar’s message was about us being new creations. This is not the first time we hear this but if you’re like me, it’s never enough. Life tends to get in my way of keeping my focus on what the Word teaches.

When I decided to accept Christ as my savior, I became a new  being, a new creation indeed,  that is more mindful of what it is to be a Christian. I must always be aware that the Holy Spirit lives in me because of Christ’s death to save us. I am a new person that thinks, speaks and watches where I set my next step. I see the world through  different lenses and react to it in a more compassionate and understanding  way. The new ”me” knows where to turn when difficulties arise: the Word, the only guide book that really teaches you things that really works.

Man reflecting: he is now a new creation indeed, he learned to let God be God

Life is not the same as it used to be for me. I’m not saying that I don’t’ have any problems or challenges but when it happens I know what to do and it works every time; exactly the way I want it? I don’t think so, but it does the way that is best for me because as, Pastor Jonathan often says ”Let God be God”.

Yes indeed, I am a new and improved version , and loving it because when I stop and take stock of my life it’s way better than what it used to be. This all happened because of a decision I made 6 years ago and never looked back because the alternative is an eternity of misery. Again, let God be God.

– Pastor Denis, June 9, 2022


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