Faith in Action

Faith in Action

Faith in action!

This past weekend was quite different – Tornado winds passed threw the Ottawa-Gatineau region, leaving many without electricity for a few hours and up to a few days. Of course, service was cancelled, and we were asked to praise and pray for those affected by the storm.

Tornado passing, we prayed and praised, put our faith in action so we could change lives through love

It was undoubtedly a time to put our faith in action! The bible tells us that if we see someone in need and offer a religious answer but do not offer help, our faith is dead.

I was touched seeing the women of Crosspointe Ministries remain in contact throughout, checking on one another and opening their homes to those needing a shower, a cup of coffee, food or light. Without a doubt, we saw Christians living by faith and changing lives through love. Well done to all who made a difference during this past weekend! 

– Pastor Sandra, May 26, 2022


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