Fear No More (by Pastor Denis)

Fear No More (by Pastor Denis)

Fear No More

Last Sunday, Pastor Vickylextar’s message was on fear. The last three Sunday’s messages have been on anxiety, stress, and fear; therefore, I believe that these situations must occur quite often in our lives for us to receive a similar warning three times. The messages made me realized that those situations were more present in my life than I thought. Many times, it is not even a major event. It can be an ordinary situation.

Fear prevents me from moving forward because I want to control everything, so it goes well and succeeds. But unfortunately, it does not always go that way. Something I do have control over is my attitude and how we get through the situation.

When I am facing a task that I must do, and I feel it is beyond my capabilities, I ask myself a few questions. Is this something that God wants me to do? If it is, can I do it on my own or do I need help? I am never alone and always capable of doing God’s work because He is with me, and He will never put me to shame. I must submit to God and let Him work through me.

I can do all things through Him, but I have to focus on Him only (do not turn to the right or the left so that you may prosper Joshua 1:7) and believe that He’s got my back because He does not require me to do things that I am not called to do.
By submitting to God and letting Him work through me according to His plan, is always a win.

– Pastor Denis, July 14, 2021


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