It is finished! (by Pastor Mercy)

It is finished! (by Pastor Mercy)

It is finished! Paid in full! Set apart for christ

These were some of the last words spoken by Christ Yeshua before He laid His life on the cross for us. After enduring the gruesome pain and agony on the way to Calvary, Christ finally said these three powerful words:

It is finished!

These words remind us that Christ paid a ransom for us, and He paid it in FULL, leaving no debt behind. As a result, our sins should not have the same power as they did before the cross unless we allow them to; and the devil no longer has the power to keep us in bondage unless we give him that authority. In other words, everything we do narrows down to our own choices.

A hand stamping "paid" on an invoice titled: debt of sins, to illustrate that it is finished and the debt of our sins was paid in full.

How to live Holy Lives

Christ already paid the debt in full for our sinful nature; but it is up to us to accept this invaluable gift and allow it to transform us.
God sacrificed Himself so that we may have an abundant life.

Sometimes we fail to accept the magnitude of this gift, choosing rather to stay enslaved by our past mistakes and misfortunes. Pastor Vickylextar reminded us that the love of God, through this ultimate sacrifice, should compel us to live holy lives, set apart for Christ. Yet, how often do we allow situations such as sickness, poverty, grief, loneliness, misery, sin, and insecurities to control us? Like a dog returning to its vomit, we too, return to the very things that once enslaved us, rejecting the very love that yearns to set us free.

We are reminded in John 3 that sin is what the enemy uses to control us, and when we are born again, we are of God. Therefore, we cannot continue to be ruled by our flesh, taking Him for granted. This reminder is not to discount some of the unimaginable hardships countless Christians face every day. On the contrary, we can acknowledge our challenges with Christ and have total confidence and assurance that He has already won our battles for us.

Our job is to surrender our hearts to Him and allow Him to fight for us.  Christ assures us of this, “It is finished!”

We are in a fixed fight! Whose team are you on?

– Pastor Mercy, March 10, 2022

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