God’s Eyes Are On You (by Emmanuel)

God’s Eyes Are On You (by Emmanuel)

God’s Eyes Are On You

Yeshua was encouraging his disciples, when He told them that they were going to face challenges, but that they can overcome these challenges.

This is what Pastor Vickylextar reminded us during last Sunday’s service. As we follow Yeshua, we will all face challenges. But as long as we keep our faith in God and do His will, we will also overcome these challenges. God knows every detail about us, and He cares much more. When we make a wrong move or choice, we shouldn’t walk away from God. We should do everything in our power to stay in His presence. He is always standing at the door and knocking, so we can let Him in. (Revelation 3:20)

God’s Word says that we are more than a sparrow (Mathew 10:31); we are worth much more than what we think. We should trust the Lord and lean not to our understanding. Every aspect of our life is cared for, and we should trust and rely on the Lord because He is taking care of us. We are complete in God; we need to trust because He is our faith’s author and finisher. As we go through our challenges, we should remember to count our blessings also draw closer to God because we are not alone. (John 16:32-33).

When God is doing something, the enemy wants to destroy it, so put all your strength in God, so take heart,  God has overcome the world. When we go through the water, we will not drown, and we will not burn if we go through the fire. In closing, who are we and what is our wealth?

– Emmanuel, November 25, 2021


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