Call onto Him and He will show us great things (by Tendo)

Call onto Him and He will show us great things (by Tendo)

Call onto Him and He will show us great things

On Sunday, we had a unique service where we prayed for one another and ourselves. Pastor Vickylextar also took the opportunity to share important aspects of prayer with us to help us better understand what prayer is and improve our prayer lives.

Pastor Vickylextar started by sharing Jeremiah 33:2-3. Here, Adonai, our creator, is giving us an invitation to pray. And He will show us hidden things or incredible things that we do not know. When praying, sometimes we talk to God, and He shows us things about ourselves that we didn’t even know because He sees the bigger picture when we do not see it.

The pastor also shared the following things about prayer:

Prayer is a love language. We are communicating with someone we love, using the language of prayer. Whenever we pray to Him, we are accepting his love invitation. Our prayer must be rooted in our love for God. We can always come to Him knowing that loves us and hears our prayers.

Prayer starts after Amen! This means that after we have prayed, we have to walk in what we prayed about. The bible says that we are to pray without ceasing. The way we do that is by making prayer become our lifestyle.

Unforgiveness is an obstacle to prayer. Pastor Vickylextar also shared Mark 11:25. This verse says that whenever we stand praying if we have anything against anyone,  we should forgive them so that our Father in heaven may also forgive us our transgressions.

Overall, it was a beautiful service in which I learnt a lot, and a weight was lifted off my heart. As the year comes to an end, I deliberately trust God to guide, protect me and see me through regardless of the circumstances.

– Tendo, November 17, 2021


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