Who Is Your God (by Tina)

Who Is Your God (by Tina)

Who Is Your God

Pastor Jonathan’s message from this Sunday was from the scripture Exodus 32: The story of Moses and how the children of Israel rebelled against the Lord their God with idol worship.

We learnt that when Moses went up to the mountain, he stayed for forty days and forty nights while the rest of the elders returned to the camp and others waited nearby. 
When the people felt Moses’ return was delayed, they came before Aaron and asked him to make them gods to go before them.

How often do we find ourselves asking God for something and then end up taking matters into our own hands when things don’t go our way?

Taking matters into our own hands instead of trusting God is, in effect, making ourselves an idol!

Pastor Jonathan continued, urging us to question ourselves.

What do we do when we feel God is not speaking?
What do we do when the things we desire are not happening?
Do we believe God has our best interest or do we believe He’s not enough and therefore say to ourselves:  “Let me step in”?
Are we truly at that place where we really know who God is?
Have we determined how far we want God to be God in our lives?

It is imperative to search our hearts to find out where we need to improve.

May we remember that in every situation, when we truly trust God, we can only benefit – because His plans for us are good and not evil.

“So, if you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don’t fall!” 1 Corinthians 10:12


– Tina, December 1, 2021


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