Where is your allegiance today?

Where is your allegiance today?

Where is your allegiance Today?

I am grateful that indeed, He has clothed me with gladness, giving me beauty for ashes and a new identity of worth and love, in His Name! My life story is summarized in one verse, reminding me that good news ought to be shared. Oh, to keep this truth close to my heart and always occupying my mind, will certainly help me keep to the narrow path.

Pastor Vickylextar continued and asked: where is your allegiance today? Though my heart would quickly respond, I asked myself if the answer would be obvious to anyone looking at my daily life, watching my reactions, or hearing my thoughts. To whom would they say my allegiance belongs? Am I loyal and submissive to my flesh or my selfless Christ?

Oscar Wilde wrote: “(..) little action of the common day makes or unmakes character, and therefore what one has done in the secret chamber, one has some day to cry aloud on the housetop”.

To me, this illustrates that every little action I make, any decision I take reflects whom I truly serve, and I am either getting closer to God doing so or pulling away by choosing self. Every choice and decision of the everyday matter, and we daily ought to choose to whom our allegiance will go.  Again, I ask the question “where is your allegiance today?”

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On another note, the example of the centurion’s faith in Luke 7:1-10 deeply resonated with me. His confidence in who he knew Yeshua to be and what He could do for his servant was impressive and admirable. One could argue that he had all odds stacked against him to prevent him from being outspoken and public with his beliefs: his position, ethnicity, reputation, occupation… He chose not to let any of this come in the way of him asking for help for a servant he loved from the Man he knew and believed, with no doubts at all, was the Son of God. His allegiance was made clear through his words, humility, and the way his faith was demonstrated through his responses to Christ; he chose to let no excuse stand in the way of what he knew to be true. So many soldiers and political/war heroes throughout history pledged allegiance to a cause, a country, or a king, and they believed that sacrificing their lives for them was the greatest honour they could receive. Am I recognizing the great honour it is to be asked to die and deny this deadly flesh to submit to and serve God Almighty, even to the point of literally losing my life for His precious gospel?

Let us be faithful and submissive soldiers, ready to die for the cause and committed to making our allegiance known, stronger, and even deeper. As for me, I pledge allegiance to Christ. He is my God, my cause, my motivation. My life, my reason for being, my all. I will ensure that my flesh remembers this and gets nailed to the cross daily. I am committed to ensuring that my allegiance is made obvious through the smallest and biggest detail of my life, so my life itself can be the bearer of good news to every soul I am blessed to meet on my way. Let us boldly walk the narrow path with confidence, submission, and obedience so that we can share this great news with the poor!

The harvest indeed is plentiful; let us march forward, soldiers of God!

Lisa, August 5, 2022


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