Esau Syndrome

Esau Syndrome

esau syndrome

Green bowl of soup steaming, to illustrate the Esau syndrome of giving up soup for our birthright in Christ.

Our theme scripture this Sunday was Hebrew 12:14-17; Pastor David took us on a journey which admonished us to beware of the trade-off we make in our daily lives, sometimes in a dire situation or even when things are going well. These trade-offs are dangerous, and while temporally satisfying our fleshy needs, we can cause us to lose our birthright in Christ. So this is the Esau syndrome – when Esau traded his birthright for a quick meal, he sold his blessing as the firstborn. An act he regretted later but was too late.

Fortunately, the message challenged us to examine our situations before it’s too late and determine what short-term fleshy satisfaction we are not giving up for our birthright in Christ. The message provided us with some nuggets to help us cure this Esau syndrome and fulfil God’s purpose in our lives:

· We must know our birthright in Christ, our inheritance in Christ.

· Be led by the holy spirit, which will help diminish our flesh.

· know God’s purpose in our lives, and beware of dos and don’ts

· know that our actions can affect God’s plan for us and others.

The Pastor shared some examples about Joseph and David and how they did not catch the syndrome in some troublesome situations by treating their adversaries with love, kindness, and faithfulness – and they were able to fulfil the great purpose God has for them.

We are encouraged to persevere with the work of God by enduring God’s discipline in submission to God at all times. Above all, we must make every effort to live in peace and holiness. We are reminded that this is a daily battle, but our faith in God will complete the work.

Theo, August 12, 2022


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