We are part of each other’s journey! (by Gina)

We are part of each other’s journey! (by Gina)

We are part of each other’s journey!

As I listened to this past Sunday’s message, I was reminded of my journey. How far God came to get me.  Those who played a role, directly and indirectly, to get me to where I am today and how I could do the same when I allowed God to lead me, instead of staying in my comfort and allowing my fears to lead. 

As a young girl, I remember being very curious about the bible. That fuelled my journey. From being part of a choir as a child, studying with Jehovah Witnesses when I was about 10 years old, conferences, trips, and all-night prayers with my mom at the Charismatic Catholic Church, and those many weekends spent at the Cursillo where I decided to give my life to Christ. After seeing all these women share their testimonies, I remember saying (Lord, I give you my life, and you can do whatever you want with it)  I often joke that I had no idea what that really meant, lol! God sure did, and He has been working on me ever since! lol

I remember telling my father that I was attracted to Christian Churches, and he said, of course, you are. Your grandfather was a Preacher. That information encouraged me to continue to seek the word. To my mother’s dismay, I left the Catholic church and joined a Non-Denominational Christian Church, and a brand new journey began.

Why am I telling you all this?  Because we learned on Sunday that …

…God will always answer the heart that seeks Him

He did for me; I remember being at a point in my life where I had everything on my (LIST), yet I felt empty. I wrote in my journal –Lord, I want to see your face, I want a relationship with you, I want to know you. HE came for me. HE saved ME!

…Pray for one another

I remember walking down the street, I saw a woman who looked in distress across the street, and I prayed for her.  Then the thought came…This lady has no idea that I just prayed for her.  How many people did the same for me? I then became aware and grateful that I am a product of many prayers!

…God can use our smile to save someone

The few months before I gave my life to Christ, I thought that there was no reason to live if life was so painful. During those days, I had the nicest customers come my way, co-workers, who invited me to Christian concerts and gave me gospel CDs encouraging me to listen to the songs, and a mother figure helped me.   All of them had no idea that all these kind gestures and smiles kept me until that December 3rd, 2005, when I gave my life to Christ! I am grateful for all those kind souls that didn’t hesitate to share what God had put on their hearts for me. Now, when I smile or hug total strangers, I know for sure that it can go a long way!

Today I choose again to continue to open my heart more to others. To step out of my comfort zone for God to use me for His children.  Letting go of the fear of being rejected and misunderstood.  One of the best pieces of advice that Dr. Vickylextar gave us was not expecting anything in return or immediate results, obey!  We often don’t know how much of an impact we had in someone’s life.

Today I can say that I have found what my heart was searching for. An amazing church family who has not only taught me the word in truth but has also been great examples and equipped me to apply the word in practical ways in every situation of my life!  I am grateful for my journey and excited to be part of yours.

– Gina, January 4, 2021


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