Usually, usually, usually unusual God

Usually, usually, usually unusual God

usually, usually, usually unusual God

Sunday’s message was a powerful reminder with an interesting introduction: ”Usually, usually, usually unusual God” , this powerful reminder says that despite what we may think in our worst moments, especially when life seems so bleak, God is faithful to us. He’s like no other person in our lives because He is totally committed to us and will never break His word.

He is who He says and does what He says He will. Our problem is that we set expectations of God that seem reasonable to us but aren’t in line with what He wants for us. When we don’t get what we want by the deadline we’ve set for God, we often begin to spiral and head down the path of disbelief and despair.

Going down when not focused on our usually, usually, usually unusual God!

Therefore, we need to ask ourselves what we do when we’re faced with challenges and what we do when God has spoken to us in order to align ourselves with God’s plan and feel His peace. This peace will get us through the worst and best days, and enable us see His truth for what it is. Yes, God is faithful to us.

Easterlene, July 1, 2022


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