The Washing Machine

The Washing Machine

”The washing machine”

Water rafting: the “washing machine” experience and the failed fishing expedition.

We all began well didn’t we? Everything looks okay and sometimes it may even look rosy doesn’t it?  Indeed, it was all peaceful, serene and quiet, and we say to ourselves “life is good ” and punch in the air and shout yes!!!   I have made it!!

In life, we may have received the best of instructions and may have had rich experience in our area of interest and thereby checked all the boxes, we may have done all that is needed to be done. O yes, we’ve played our part and yet a strange wave hits us suddenly, we can’t even tell what hit us to  knock us off our game, knocked off our most comfort position, most comfort places, most comfortable situation; a place we wished we had lived forever after.

Now in a “mess” and yet in the midst of the downward spiral, experiencing the “washing machine” down below the water drowning in the deep, this compares with our unfortunate part of our  life experiences. A situation way in over our head and there seems not to be a way out.  But, we can always reach out to team members (brothers and sisters) they are still up there in the comfort of the raft to lend us a hand back up. We are never alone!!!

The Washing Machine with water, when life pulls you down, But there is a way out always!!

The fishing experience of Simon Peter “the reed, shaky man” even the very experienced fisherman, who knows the sea very well: he’s been on this very sea all his life. Even though he was subject to life’s unfortunate events, coming home empty handed, all efforts proved unprofitable and yet with Yeshua the story of his life was changed for good. There was a way out!

Like Pastor Jonathan, like Peter,  I have felt discouraged many many times and yet look at me now, look at yourself now and we realized that had it not been the very people God has planted in our lives, our story would have ended in tragedy to say the least. 

Even if you still can’t find a way out, like Pastor and like Peter, we can reach out for the much needed help. When the worst thing is happening and or has happened, there is always a way out, always!! Look at the life examples of good people around us. We have a family, so we never walk alone. There is always help available to us.

Nii, September 4, 2022


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