The Forgotten (by Alvin)

The Forgotten (by Alvin)

The forgotten

This Sunday’s sermon reminded me how easily some people’s pain could be forgotten or overshadowed by others. We learnt about Job’s wife and how her pain was often ignored, and she was frequently condemned by many because of the choice of expression of her anguish. She was a mother, a wife and a community leader who had everything stripped from her. Job lost everything, and so did she. She lost her kids; she lost her status and even her home.

This sermon reminded me that every situation has someone or some people who garner the most attention. Still, some individuals are often hurt by the same situation and are not even seen or not cared for. I walked in this by ensuring that in every situation that came to my attention, I was considerate of all parties that might not be in immediate focus but are likely still hurt by the situation.

To all who have ever felt overshadowed or unseen, I offer my condolences and a reminder that Yeshua’s love is ever-present.

– Alvin, November 27, 2020


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