'Peace' Tagged Posts

'Peace' Tagged Posts

Enlarging your Territory

Enlarging our Territory – Prepare our minds (by Chiraene)

enlarging our territory – prepare our minds If there’s one thing I have learnt from Pastor Vickylextar it’s that our minds are extremely powerful – we can either use them as tools to glorify the Lord or let the enemy use them as tools to derail us. Most of the time we get so caught up with praying for the next step of our vision boards or life plans without taking the time to prepare our minds for the greatness…

Peace be Still (by Pastor David)

Peace be still Yeshua has assured us that He has given us His peace. His peace is not the carnal kind of peace, but the supernatural kind that keeps us anchored even in the midst of the storm. Casting references absolute surrender of the situation to God… God’s peace does not mean the absence of trouble or strife. On the contrary, it is the calming of His presence in the midst of the storm. When the storm rages around us,…