Enlarging our Territory – Prepare our minds (by Chiraene)

Enlarging our Territory – Prepare our minds (by Chiraene)

enlarging our territory – prepare our minds

If there’s one thing I have learnt from Pastor Vickylextar it’s that our minds are extremely powerful – we can either use them as tools to glorify the Lord or let the enemy use them as tools to derail us. Most of the time we get so caught up with praying for the next step of our vision boards or life plans without taking the time to prepare our minds for the greatness that God has in store for us. This has happened to me on so many occasions.

I can vividly remember myself praying to God to help me get into university without taking the time to mentally prepare myself for all the challenges and changes that I could be faced with throughout. I thought about nothing other than destination. 

However, from Sunday’s sermon I have truly come to appreciate the need to prepare our minds for growth to really step into it and honor the Lord.

This isn’t the first time that Pastor Vickylextar spoke about not allowing ourselves to use our pasts as crutches, and it goes to show the importance of the message. There’s absolutely no way that we can go out into the world to help save others when we are so fixated on all the awful things that happened in the past and all the mistakes we made. It’s something I’m still finding extremely difficult because there are some memories that are just so hard to move past, but we need to find healing in Christ, learn from these experiences, and not let these mistakes define us and our interactions with other people so that we don’t end up being part of the cycle of pain. Once we can consciously do this, we will be able to find peace, something God has destined for us all.


– Chiraene, February 11, 2022


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