Overcoming Anxiety, Stress and Worry (by Easterlene)

Overcoming Anxiety, Stress and Worry (by Easterlene)

Overcoming Anxiety, Stress and worry 

This Sunday, Pastor Vickylextar’s  message was titled “ Be Anxious For Nothing”.

Pastor in her sermon talked about Worry, Stress, Anxiety and their effect on human beings. Worry she said is in the mind, when people flood their minds with negative thoughts. Stress is in the body; it is the physical response which comes with worry. Anxiety – Stress and worry together form anxiety. 

She made it known to us that the three are not the solution  to ones’ problems. Once you are in Christ, you should not be overwhelmed about any situation. She quoted Isaiah 43 to support this. Prayer, she said, is the solution to all our problem. We should lift everything  to God through  prayer, petition and thanksgiving. 

In order to overcome stress, we should exercise regularly, rest and pray about our problems all the time. We should also let the things on our mind be godly because the godly way of thinking  keeps us above all situations.   

I am someone who is always doing one of the three things Pastor spoke about: worrying, stressing or being anxious.  

After listening to Pastor, I have realised that it is very important  that we all do the following:

  1. Cast all burdens unto God and by faith press on.
  2. Not worry about tomorrow.
  3. Manage my stress level.
  4. Develop good habits, eat well, exercise and pray always.
  5. Have a Godly way of thinking  as that will keep us above a situation always.

Let us all remember that if we manage our stress level we will become healthier


– Easterlene, July 2, 2021


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