Spreading the Love (by Sabrena)

Spreading the Love (by Sabrena)

Spreading the Love

Pastor Vickylextar discussed going deeper with God this Sunday, and the part that stood out to me was that:

If I have God’s love, I should be giving more love. The deeper I go with God, the more love I have to give. 

I often struggled with rude people and/or those people who dismiss me. For example, anger would arise when someone would cut me off in line or while driving. I thought that I was walking by the Spirit by not reacting or causing a fight.

The other day as I was getting my fast-food order,  the employee at the drive-thru didn’t say a word to me –  she opened the window, pulled out the debit machine and then closed the window when I finished paying. As I was about to boil up in anger at the thought of how rude she was, a different thought came over me – why didn’t YOU say hi to her? I decided to submit to this thought that was in line with the message. I remembered that I could choose to love despite the circumstances.  It’s easy to give love to someone when they are nice, friendly and likeable, but it is often the ones who are perhaps rude, mean and even undeserving that NEED this love.

So, I challenge myself to now step back when someone offends me and instead of reacting in the flesh, I will stop for a moment and just spread some of His love!  

– Sabrena, November 20, 2020

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  1. Lisa

    Thank you for sharing, Sabrena! This is so relatable! Love the thought of pausing and thinking to offer more love to people that are offensive or rude instead of just boiling inside. Great insight! 🙂 xox

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