Choosing the Right Focus (by Gina)

Choosing the Right Focus (by Gina)

Choosing the right Focus

This week’s message reminded me of where I should be focusing as we are coming close to the end of the year.  I was reminded of the year’s theme, which was that We are Overcomers – More Than Conquerors! I have indeed overcome so much in 2020, which is great, but the message was a call for me to rise higher and go deeper in my relationship with God, and experience His presence at another level! It was a reminder that God wants me to get closer to Him and allow Him to transform me even more to His image.  

As I listened to the message, I saw different areas where I can rise.

I can rise in my faith by choosing to be more consistent in believing what He says about me and His promises.  I should open my heart and trust Him even more. Trust the process, Trust others more,  Trust that He GOT ME.

I was reminded of David, who was praising God in Psalm 103 v 1-5 as he was going through some hard times.  He chose to magnify God instead of magnifying his problems. I shall do the same when situations arise.

I can rise in my knowledge of Him by experiencing Him even more as I choose to be more consistent at applying all the wonderful practical teachings we are receiving weekly. 

I can rise in my love for others and myself.

 I see an opportunity to open my heart more. To Love Him by loving others the way He loves.  To be more kind to myself. I want to position myself to be used by Him more! I want to let go of the fear of being hurt or making a mistake and go for it! He did the same for me!.

I can rise by daring to surrender those areas of my life that I am still holding on to!  I asked myself a few questions.

  • Do I permit Christ to really have his way in my life?
  • What am I holding on to; which area do I have to surrender to him?

It was exciting to hear how much God loves me, His grace and how much He wants to do extraordinary things in my life.

The year 2020 is not done. We have 6 weeks to see more of what God has for us! Come on… Rise with me!  I already started, and it feels GREAT!

– Gina, November 16, 2020

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