Mighty Man of Valour (by Theo)

Mighty Man of Valour (by Theo)

Mighty Man of Valour

No matter who we are, or we may think of ourselves, this Sunday’s sermon taught us that He has set us apart to kingdom use if we trust and obey God. In the theme scripture (Judges 6), we found Gideon, who considered himself the least of the least, living in fear, but he chose to obey God’s command, followed His instructions into victory, and lived up to His name as a “Mighty Man of Valour.”

I have read this scripture many times and quite familiar with the recurring nature of Israel’s disobedience of God. Still, on Sunday, the scripture profoundly reminded me about the cost of disobedience to God – they lost their protection! But Gideon’s obedience saved them.

Since Sunday, I have been re-examining my life to find answers to these life-changing questions: Will I do everything God asks me to do, will I go wherever he sends me to go, without fear but trusting and obeying His word? What prevents me from living out His declaration over me as a “Mighty Man of Valour”? How can I be the best in doing the things that God has called me to do? Are there idols in my life that are replacing God?

God has called us all to do great things, just like Gideon. The scripture reminded me that God had placed a value on us. Yes me! God has a plan for every situation, and I will not worry about how He will do it. I must trust and obey and no longer walk in my understanding.

Israel forgot about God’s deliverance from all its enemies.

Always count our blessings and walk in obedience to God even when things don’t look good, for the Lord is always with us.

I see an excellent opportunity to improve my faith walk with God and respond to His call with obedience void of excuses. I know that as challenges arise, God will always protect me. Guaranteed! You too!!

Theo Odartei, February 24, 2021


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