Imitators of God

Imitators of God

imitators of god

This last Sunday’s service was really out of the ordinary: we were celebrating our Church Anniversary! Seven (7) Years already! so much has happened, so many miracles, so many victories in Him.  Our God is amazing!! We have been fed plenty with the Word of God in truth and Spirit in the past years. It is incredible to have pastors who will dedicate their lives to God and our Church: Crosspointe Ministries, the way they do their work, always going beyond expectations and having so much love for all of us! I am forever grateful to God Who has put these wonderful people in my life to help me walk the narrow path which God has created for me (and for each of us). Our pastor Vickylextar has been and still is so faithful and obedient to God, and the message we received was a reinforcement for me to continue to be obedient, to trust God completely and to become a true Imitator of God.  

So what does it mean to be imitators of God? Is it really possible? Yes it is! why? because the Word says so ”Therefore become imitators of God…” (Ephesians 5:1) And the Word of God is true. So, how can I do this? By walking continually in love, by valuing one another, seeking the best for others without being selfish.  It also means that I need to walk with everybody with complete forgiveness, as Christ has done for me and all humanity.  And one important thing our pastor told us (and it was not the first time she was telling us that) is that she had given “carte blanche” for all in terms of forgiveness

Giving carte blanche and forgive all, become imitators of God

It is a matter of decision, and when you have made your decision to forgive anybody for anything that has been done to you then, you don’t go back at what happened that could have been quite offensive: you have to remember that you have made a decision and that you are honouring that decision.  So I did, in my heart, give again “carte blanche” to many people I know who either hurt me or have been offensive, and even for the future ones so it will be easier and quicker to reposition myself in Him.  I want to ensure that all is good in my heart and that I can keep my heart as pure as Imitators of God possible for Him.  I do love God with all my heart, soul and mind, and I do want to honour Him for the rest of my life, He has done and keeps doing so much for me, it’s just incredible!  In Him I rejoice every day, I never thought I would be able to rejoice but in Him I do; thank you, God.

Pastor Carole, September 28, 2022


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