Fleeting Appearance & False Evidence

Fleeting Appearance & False Evidence

fleeting appearance & false evidence
 In this Sunday’s service, Pastor David talked about living a life where we are walking in truth and alignment with the Father.  He gave us the title of his sermon “Fleeting Appearance & False Evidence”.

It can be so easy to play church, where we act and say the right things but it is with the absence of God. Appearance… it can be very deceiving. If our words and actions are not sincere, rooted in truth, or even worse, if God is not even in the equation, we are lukewarm and this does not please Him. How backward is this? To be a Christian and to do things in His name while He is not even a part of it. This is a very scary place to be; this is an example of fleeting appearance & false evidence!

Fleeting Appearance & False Evidence, you must stop , it's a warning ! Let's align in truth.

We were reminded of Mathew 7:21-23, where we are warned that so-called Christians who actually performed wonders were not connected to the Father. He (God) did not know them.

This is a warning that I take heed to. I am grateful to be part of a body that corrects and encourages us when we are not on track. So as I continue to walk in truth, have my heart open, rise up, be teachable, and aim to please the Father, I will finish this race and I look forward to the Father saying- “well done my good and faithful servant”! May we pick up our crosses daily and check our hearts so that we live a life that is true and pleasing to Him

Sabrena, September 15, 2022


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