Humbling Myself (by Pastor Denis)

Humbling Myself (by Pastor Denis)

Humbling Myself

Pastor Vickylextar gave us another message that hit home – they all do but some more closely than others. She clearly said that her messages aren’t targeting one or two persons but all of us.

The scripture she gave us (1 Peter 5mentions both young and old, so that covers pretty much everyone who attended the service and reads the bible! This scripture teaches a strong behaviour lesson by saying that God is opposed to the proud, the disdainful, the presumptuous and defeats them. I might use other adjectives such as “know it all”, independent, or false humility (I’m not good enough) but it’s all the same and God will oppose that as well.

God wants me to help others in a humble way with an open heart and with enthusiasm.  I must admit that I sometimes find it hard to do, more specifically when I’m dealing with a family member who knows my hot buttons and I react in a prideful way, that’s a sign that the enemy is roaming around trying to lure me away, but I must reposition myself immediately 

I still have work to do on humbling myself, because pride pops up very quickly even when I think that it’s not pride that’s why it’s important for me to keep a clear mind and be on the lookout and always ask God to show me these prideful traps.


– Pastor Denis, October 6, 2021


  1. Genevive Acquaye

    I think this msg relates to all of us in so many ways. A great opportunity to examine ourselves on a daily basis. I acknowledge that i have many areas that need working on, but im glad that i can clearly see where i need pruning. Im learning to humble myself and turn away from pride. Ist Peter 4:7 says that the end of everything is near and we must practice self control and keep our minds clear so that we can pray. Be on the alert, and know that the enemy never stops. Verse 8 then reminds us to love one another for love ❤ covers up many sins.

    Im encouraged to keep going knowing that I am not alone. That my father who has called me, has restored me, is strengthening me, and will support me as i go through the journey.

    Once again, 😊 thank you pastor Vickylextor and my Crosspointe family for fighting the good fight and leading by example.

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